Walk in Food

Taste, Flavours, Dining, Cooking…


Masterchef Tour

Are you a Master chef?
Then this is what you are looking for!
In this unique experience you will savor 4 starred dishes in 3 different premium restaurants. Our expert foodie will guide you through a proper sensorineural experience in a Michelin awarded atmosphere.


Roman Food Walk

We have combined the best local bites in a 3 hour private food tour. All best tasting have already been sorted out for you and your friends and are of course covered in the price. Along the go, you will visit the most beautiful highlights of the city too! So you’ll get to know all historic and cultural insight while savour on some magnificent food.


Beer Tour

Rome is a fast-becoming popular with craft beer lovers. The tastiest beer can be had now in the city and we invite you to join us on this cool walk around the most bohemian area of Rome. We can personalize this tour 100% for you!



When it comes to Rome you’ll think about old empire’s ruin straight away, is not it? Have a look at the newest concrete decorator from Italy et non, they are now changing the scene of the city with colours, shades and new design. Compare and realize how art is developing throughout the timeline both on walls and drinks!


Rione Parione Food Tour

Along the walk, you will visit 2 of the most beautiful Piazze of the city, Navona and Campo de’ Fiori plus discover how this borough became a well know artisans-home area.
So you’ll get to know all historic and cultural insight while savoring some magnificent food.


Trastevere Food Tour

In-walled by the second wall circle under the emperor Adrian, it was always a traditional area, lived by fisherman, traders, merchants, the freshest food reached this side of the Tiber river before going to the emperor table! Get wrapped by the authentic Roman atmosphere while tasting local food and learning its secrets.


Jewish Ghetto Walk and its influence in the Roman cuisine

Back in 1555, Pope Paul IV change the history of the Roman Jewish Community… Wander around another milestone of such great City, explore all the hidden alley that host these people for more than 300 years! Let’s discover how they influence the local cuisine and hold back the secrets of their recipes.


Roman Vegetarian Food Tour

When it comes to Italian cuisine, meat is definitely the main ingredient as well as vegetables! Like every traditional cuisine, it holds back the poverty of its ingredients, therefore, vegetables become fundamental in the kitchen. Most of the dishes you’ll enjoy around have a country background and peasant can only afford meat once a week!