Walk in History

Immerse yourself in the History of some amazing places…


Intro Tour

Let a Local introduce you to all the best Rome has to offer, this is your chance to truly get a unique head start of your experience in Bella Roma. Just pick your preferred date, starting time, private guide and get ready for an awesome introduction to Rome!


Jewish Ghetto Walk and its influence in the Roman cuisine

Back in 1555, Pope Paul IV change the history of the Roman Jewish Community… Wander around another milestone of such great City, explore all the hidden alley that host these people for more than 300 years! Let’s discover how they influence the local cuisine and hold back the secrets of their recipes.


Light across the Lens, Photo Tour

Create your own memories of Rome while learning some skills and techniques about Photography. Wander around best monuments and secret spots that only our local photographer can show, contact us and start recording first lights on your souvenirs. You can design your favorite itinerary and make a collage with your shots.


The Seven Aqueducts Tour

For 850 years since the building of the first aqueduct until the interruption caused by the goth’s invasion of Rome 537AD, the city was provided with a progressively improved waterwork system, which was no match with any other city in the world. Six of the ancient city’s eleven aqueducts ran across this area.


Ancient Rome Tour – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill with Skip the line ticket

The hill where the Roman civilization started, where, August first and others following, placed their Palace, behind the Palatine we’ll find the Roman Forum, the centre of major activities, from elections to commercial affairs, right next we have the Anfiteatro Flavio…


One, nobody, a hundred thousand: different faces of the eternal city

The eternal city is not just the Colosseum and the Vatican… There are a lot of interesting and surprising places that are out of the most touristy pathways. A walk to explore many aspects of the city and better understand the real Roman soul out of the city centre.